Sustainable growth,
respect and ethics.

To grow means to see every daily effort crowned. To be repaid for so much effort, to be aware that the path chosen and undertaken was the right one. And not to stop. But the growth we have been aiming for since 1981 is based on assumptions that are essential for us. It's called sustainability, it means ethics.

The ethics of who and what surrounds us. It means respect for the environment and for the rules that protect it, innovating in the name and on behalf of an eco-sustainable policy that aims increasingly at the safety of the consumer and of those who, on a daily basis, embrace our project.

Configure your vehicle

Quality, research
and development.

For forty years, IFAC products have stood out due to the pursuit of one standard: total quality.

It all starts with the SolidWorks design system, ideal for integrating the different phases of the design process for each truck. This is supported by the use of cutting-edge materials with exceptional structural properties, the focus on quality and environmental safety and the processing methods used on the new high-tech systems.

The importance of total quality and the value of research & development represent the strengths that differentiate IFAC from its competitors in its target market.


We are there
at every stage.

Consulting, support, assistance, even and especially after-sales. We are there with our

services, with our ideas. Our growth and our future are worth it.

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