Design and

Ifac is design and outfitting of isothermal trucks of any size.
From 7 tons up to the articulated lorry trailer.
IFAC stands out, in this sense, because it builds the panels of your outfitting.

Using resin, wood and stainless steel and designing in a Solidworks environment IFAC, and its ever-expanding network of customers and partners, know how to meet every need, how to respond to every request in a personalized manner. From Italy and abroad.

This is another reason why isothermal trucks can be supplied in KITs, whether assembled or in the panel KIT formula.

Configure your vehicle

Panel kits

Provides for the supply of:
Isothermal panels: flooring, roofing, side walls, headwall, doors.Thicknesses:40mm - 50mm - 60mm - 80mm - 100mm - 120mm // Rear and side stainless steel door embedded in the walls, roofing and flooring // Door accessories: hinges, handles, seals // External perimeter profile in anodized aluminium ready for assembly // Interior or exterior LED lighting // Assembly adhesive // Available sizes from 3 m up to 13.55 m.

Assembled Kits

To strengthen the excellent partnerships with customers, IFAC has focused greatly on technical support by supplying assembled panel kits, ready to be mounted on the frames directly by the dealers.

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