We are enthusiastic
about the future.

I am Giusi Amodio and IFAC is my project too.

We acquired this mindset from the past. The founding values, the team spirit. In the present, we give them continuity. And we always look to the future with desire and enthusiasm, strengthened by solid assumptions and important foundations on which to base every project.

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Where our
future lies

We have grown.
We have become a business that is a reference point for the sector and the entrepreneurship of our area in general. But we are clear where our future lies.

Human resource is the added value.

Human resources, in their various professional capacities, always remain our added value. Because it is the guarantee that our philosophy continues to be nourished, transforming itself into a true tradition.
These assumptions, our credo, envelop and embrace the entire production chain. There can be no progress without sharing, no healthy growth without precise rules.

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