IFAC SpA, European leader in the production of refrigerated and isothermal trucks and kits, established 35 years ago, distinguishes itself by its focus on technology, innovation, attention to design, quality, international presence and sensitivity to social aspects of work.

These are the principles ingrained by the founder Angelo Amodio and his heirs Giusi and Vito, who have transformed the family business into a robust industrial group. IFAC was founded in 1981 in Castellana Grotte, Italy, and later moved to Conversano, Italy. In 2007, a new factory was built in Acquaviva delle Fonti, with the acquisition of cutting-edge technological equipment and robotic systems, adding a extra 20,000 sqm of covered production space and 20,000 sqm of external parking.

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Our Mission

Utmost quality, careful selection of raw materials, total respect and consideration of the customer are the values for which IFAC is known in Italy and abroad.

Our products, the fruit of innovative ideas, have become real icons.

IFAC is also known for its attention to environmental, social and human resource aspects.

The Group

IFAC is in partnership with two other companies of the same group, to give the absolute best service in the isothermal sector: TECNOFRIGO SRL, THERMO KING dealer for sales and service, and TECNORENT, for isothermal truck rental.


Tecnofrigo Srl, THERMO KING dealer for sales and service, since 1988, has offered its customers utmost professionalism in the field of refrigerated transport. Thanks to its vast range of THERMO KING refrigeration units, a 150 square metre spare parts warehouse and a 1000 square metre support and assembly workshop, it is ready to meet any customer need.

Tecnofrigo Srl counts on 15 employees in its sales department, administration, spare parts warehouse and workshop.


TECNORENT provides rental of high quality refrigerated trucks for the transport of goods whose holding temperature is particularly important. Our ATP compliant trucks with IFAC boxes and THERMO KING refrigerators possess a high insulation coefficient. TECNORENT provides refrigerated transportation of all dimensions, to give you a product tailored to your needs: from small commercial vehicles to 3.5 tonnes full load.

IFAC & the Environment

IFAC SpA contributes to sustainable economic growth, which is beneficial for the company, customers and society in general. The company is committed, on a daily basis and all along its production chain, to ensuring best practice in protection and safety of the environment, workers and consumers. The values of ethical respect and social responsibility have always been at the heart of the IFAC philosophy.

IFAC SPA declares to have adopted and continues to maintain an integrated quality-environmental policy, based on the following strategies :

·) To pursue a continuous increase in quality levels (meaning as a satisfaction of market requirements) and sustainability of eco-environmental issues with regard to:

a) Van innovation , in particular with regard to isothermal panel materials;b) Methodological and technological innovation in the construction process; c)Reduction in the cost of sub standard products; d) Increase in planning ability, during all the realization stages.

·To respect legal and administrative regulations and to adhere to other standards undertaken voluntarily, in particular towards the environment through: a) The monitoring of emission levels; b)The systematic application of the procedures of an integrated quality and environment management system.

  • ·To assume an active role in environmental protection through:
  • a) The study and adoption of measures for the prevention of pollution suitable to the available financial resources;b)The study and adoption of measures in order to reduce and minimize the degree of environmental impacts which cannot be eliminated.

·To improve SQA constantly, using the prescribed instruments in the best way and, in particular, continuously improving its own environmental services, paying more attention to the following aspects :

  • a) Consumption of energy from non renewable sources;b) Waste exploitation, through a reduction in mass by recycling and reutilization; c) Emissions to the atmosphere.

·The integrated quality – environmental policy (mentioned above) is implemented and kept active through:

a) iTheir review and subsequent adjustment; b) The definition of aims; c) The monitoring (measurement and evaluation) of achievement of pre-defined goalsand objectives.

This statement is distributed to IFAC managers and through them to all internal staff.

Angelo Amodio

Sole Director

Giusi Amodio

Administrative Manager

Vito Amodio

Commercial Manager

mob. +39 3357158054

Paolo Laforgia

Purchasing, Environmental & Quality Manager

mob.+39 3357158049

Angela Mancini

Accounting Manager

Stefania Lavarra

Sales Abroad

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Michele Pace

ThermoKing Unit

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Maurizio Campanella

Sales in Puglia, Molise, Basilicata regions

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Giuseppe Paradiso

Sales in central, northern Italy, Sicily

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Claudio Scio

Sales in Abruzzo, Marche, Calabria regions

mob. +39 3406956014

Luigi Renga

Sales in Campania region

mob. +39 340695926

Angelo Tartarello

Planning & Order Management

Giuseppe Conte

Technical Office

Cosimo Boccuzzi

Technical Office

Patrizio Bosco

Inspection Office

Angelo Tursi

Customer Support

mob. +39 3357158050

Marcello Laterza

Assembly Department

Marino Dilauro

Purchasing Office

Angelo Vincenti

Storage Area

Mariella Giannuzzi


Rita De Marco

Front office