Max 7 t

Excellent solutions and customizations of the product. Functional and ideal especially for any small distribution delivery. Produced from materials with a high strength to weight ratio to give maximum load capacity. A high level of product customization with shelves, doors and compartments to meet all customer needs.

Max 19 t

Long-term practicality and reliability. Small enough to get around in and out of the city, large enough to carry the maximum volume required in this segment. Customers, today, demand increasing versatility and long-term reliability of the product. Made with cutting-edge materials with high structural performance, IFAC trucks are designed to offer the highest quality and to provide the utmost safety in the long-term.

Max 26 t

A growing segment offering more cargo capacity to meet the greater needs of today.
Trucks that not only last long but add value to your transportation, thanks to a whole range of different optionals and configurations.


Created for long-distance transport. Maximum capacity, maximum versatility (internal height max 2,850 mm) and maximum durability, all thanks to the use of our corrosion-proof anodized aluminium beam frames.

Truck & Trailer

IFAC is able to custom design and engineer the your work tool. Fittings for both truck and trailer, connected via aluminium footplates for a total load capacity of 38 Euro-pallets.

Case history

Our case histories tell of our successes. From your needs right up to our winning solution.


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