All IFAC products are distinguished by engineering via the Solidworks system, a highly sophisticated software application ideal for integrating the different phases of the design process of each truck and the use of advanced materials with high structural performance.

Our goal is the perfect combination of functionality and style, rigorously ‘Made in Italy’.

Every customer need finds a winning response thanks to a specialized team that considers every minimum detail at all stages of the project until a simple and effective solution is reached.


IFAC insulated panels are the result of years of experience, research and development.

They are produced using High Performance materials, Low Styrene Content resins and the Wet-On-Wet method.

This technology gives the panels great advantages: 15% more thermal insulation, high mechanical strength, low weight, ideal at different temperatures due to non-conductivity, highly impact resistant, easy and economical to repair, metal-free and therefore without corrosion risk, impermeable to water and vapour and totally made from fibre-glass and polyurethane